Rolling Rivers trailer tours the Milk River Watershed!

water carnival

One of the annual goals for the MRWA, is to provide watershed education and outreach to basin residents in the Milk River watershed. The objective is to raise awareness on the natural resources within the watershed, while also highlighting unique features of the Milk River. Our Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) member has been utilizing DNRC’s Rolling Rivers trailer at various events and organizations.

The Rolling Rivers trailer is an interactive, hands-on trailer, filled with sand made from recycled plastic, and a pump that circulates water to simulate a flowing river. The trailer comes with toy cars, tractors, animals, fences, trees and plants, bridges, culverts, and houses to model how our lives are impacted by water, and how we may impact water and downstream users. The trailer can be used to teach concepts like river energy, flow, riparian areas, erosion, non-point source pollution, diversions and dams.

Our BSWC member, Casey, has been using the trailer across the watershed to benefit children and families by sharing a fun lesson on Milk River watershed features. Casey has used the trailer at Valley County Conservation District’s Outdoor Classroom, The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Hi-Line, and the Water Carnival at the Fort Peck Interpretive Center during the Governor’s Cup fishing tournament.