2017 River Rendezvous


The 2017 River Rendezvous was a success! The tour went into Canada to view the Milk River Ridge Reservoir, Canadian St. Mary Diversion Dam, and St. Mary Reservoir. The tour looped back down into Babb, MT to view the US St. Mary Diversion Dam, siphon tubes, and drop structures. The event was open to the public and had a wonderful turnout of over 60 participants! Thanks to all who made this great event!


The event was made possible thanks to MRWA, MRCDC, MRWCC, MT Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, US Bureau of Reclamation, Glacier County, Hill County, Phillips, Blaine County, Valley County, McCone County, Lewis and Clark, Fergus, Cascade, Petroleum County, Garfield, and Gallatin Conservation Districts. Additional thanks to USBOR, SMRWG, Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, Blackfeet Tribes, and MRWCC for speaking during the tour.