Save the date! 2017 River Rendezvous

Your are invited on behalf of the MRWA and the Missouri River Conservation Districts Council, to the 2017 River Rendezvous that will tour the St. Mary diversion system on June 27, 2017 in Glacier County. There will be an optional same-day tour in Canada of the Milk River Ridge Reservoir and irrigation systems in Alberta.


The tour will include the dam, siphons, canals, and drops that were constructed in 1917 to provide water to the Milk River which then flows into the Missouri River below Fort Peck Dam. The Milk River would run dry 6 out of 10 years without the added flow from the diversion.

Please RSVP by May 26th to Jeni Anderson 406-654-1334 ext. 101,

or Rachel Frost 406-654-0056,

Mark your calendars! We hope to see you there!