2016-17 Annual Work Plan

1-logoletterheadMilk River Watershed Alliance Annual Work Plan

GOAL: Identify noxious weeds in the watershed and contain, prevent, and or eradicate infestations.
• Objective: Inventory noxious weeds within the Milk River corridor
Action Item: Compile existing inventories from Hill, Blaine, Phillips, and Valley County Weed Districts
Action Item: Develop strategies to further incorporate biocontrol of weeds.

GOAL: Provide watershed education and outreach to the entire basin to raise awareness of natural resources. Support the St. Mary’s Working Group on the importance of the St. Mary’s Diversion Dam and Intake Canal reconstruction and repair to the Milk River Watershed.
• Objective: Educate basin residents on importance of St. Mary’s Diversion system to the Milk River Watershed residents, irrigators, municipalities, tribes, wildlife, recreationalists, etc.
Action Item: Develop and distribute MRWA newsletters and write and publish articles in local media pertaining to MRWA; create and maintain MRWA website/social media; prepare displays that detail projects/programs within the watershed or individual Conservation Districts that can be used at fairs, meetings, seminars, local businesses and special events, etc.; and promote a better understanding of the Milk River Watershed.

GOAL: Encourage collaboration, coordination and communication with existing as well as new partnerships.
• Objective: Continue working with local, state, federal and tribal agencies; irrigators, irrigation districts, landowners, St. Mary’s Working Group and other watershed organizations on issues affecting the Milk River Watershed. Action Item: Invite partners to attend MRWA meetings; include partners in email correspondence, etc; attend partner meetings.

GOAL: Improve irrigation efficiencies.
• Objective: Coordinate with partners to identify areas in need of improvements to increase efficiencies.
Action Item: Conduct irrigation system assessments, prioritize potential projects; seek funding to complete projects.

MRWA Work Plan PDF

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